Welcome, My name is Dervilla

I am an intuitive Energy Healer and creator of the Sacred Simplicity journey.

As a highly sensitive, introverted, empathic woman, I have an extraordinary passion to help other sensitive women, just like you to create a life you love.


Because I struggled for a long time to accept my sensitivity. I was led to believe it was wrong, I felt misunderstood, undervalued, shy, awkward, introverted, too emotional, too tearful, not good enough, not confident enough and more.

Yes, there were times and situations where I did feel comfortable and confident and funny and joyful, but there were also times in my life when I lived in a world that was energetically grey and heavy as opposed to a world that felt bright, colourful and light.

I experienced many traumatic events in my life. I did not know how to truly handle and process these on my own. I was functioning quite well, but underneath there was a lot of unresolved heartache and pain.

Over time this led to illness, and chronic fatigue manifested in 2009. Despite having many positive things in my life, I felt deeply unhappy in the way I was working. I knew that I had to change the way I was living or else I would end up even more sick, tired and miserable.

I embarked on some radical changes in the way I lived, worked, and went on a profound healing journey.

I was drawn to train in various healing modalities and take a big leap of faith and leave a permanent, pensionable job to set up my own business.

I am passionate about helping women, like you, heal what is holding you back from fully embracing your superpower, yes, your sensitivity, which allows you to thrive in a way you never thought possible. I can help you peel back the layers of old conditioning, ancestral energy and limiting beliefs that are keeping you playing small, preventing you from fully embracing all aspects of being a woman.

I can help you to let go of complicated living and live a simple, rich, pleasurable life It is time to release the stress, anxiety, fears, beliefs that there is something “wrong” with you, beliefs that you are not good enough, not attractive enough, not intelligent enough, not capable enough to succeed and create a live that thrills and excites you, a life where you are filled with energy and vitality, a life where you are living on purpose and feeling confident and happy from the inside out.

It is time to stop apologising for who you are, for your intuitive sensitive nature, for your ability to feel things deeply and see the bigger picture of life. You know there is more, your heart desire’s a different way of being and living. It is time to learn how to fully love and accept and celebrate ALL of YOU. My superpower is holding the sacred space for you to grow, expand and experience your true beauty and confidence from the inside out. Let me help you tap into your innate wisdom, the higher version of you who is calling to live in a more loving, joyful, expansive, abundant way.

If you are ready, journey with me. Reach out and book your complimentary call by emailing dervillaclarke@outlook.com to see how I can support you.