Do you try to do everything yourself?

  • Do you feel nobody can do things the way you do? Is the sometimes limiting trait of being a perfectionist living within you?
  • Do you allow people to support you or do you try to do everything yourself and keep going regardless of how tired, exhausted, fed up, or burned out you feel?
  • As a business owner do you try to do everything in your business, from providing your service, to all the technical issues like setting up a website, bookkeeping, and tax returns?
  • Do you feel nobody in the house can cook like you, sort the house like you so you do it all?
  • Do you feel awkward asking for support?

There was a time when I did not allow support into my life, except from a very small number of people. It was all subconscious behavior. I had learned at a young age to do things for myself and unknowingly continued to put pressure on myself to be the lone ranger and keep going no matter how upset, tired, or overwhelmed I felt. I had taken on feeling responsible for everybody else except myself. and I assure you that was emotionally heavy and exhausting!

Does this sound like you?

The Universe showed me loud and clear that I could not continue to live like this. I needed to open up my heart to support from various sources. After all, we need different forms of support at different times of our lives.

When I embarked on my business, I quickly learned that there were many aspects I knew nothing about. I knew that if I wanted a website done, I was not going to do it myself. Thankfully the more I cleared my energy system from old hurts, wounds, and limiting beliefs the Universe brought the support of many forms to me. I met many virtual friends who have been instrumental in supporting my personal and business journey. I gladly hand over the technical stuff to my wonderful website designer because I can tell you that if I tried to do all of the technical stuff myself, a website would probably not be out there for the world to view.

Make a list of everything you do in your Business/Personal life.

  • Be honest with yourself. Are there any items such as handing over tax returns that you can do?
  • Do you need a virtual assistant or other support?
  • By freeing up our time and energy to spend time on the tasks that inspire us will bring many rewards to us.
  • Is it possible to delegate tasks at home and in business?
  • Is it possible to invest in a cleaner?

Be still, check-in with yourself and ask “Is my heart open to receive support?” or “Is my heart closed to receive support?” YOU will know. Accepting support may feel a bit strange at first but over time it will become a necessary part of your life and letting go of the responsibility of having to do everything yourself is liberating!

If you would like support in releasing blocks and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living an amazing life, let’s arrange a complimentary call. Email me at to arrange a suitable time.

Choose support and freedom