Early one morning more changes happened in our household. Now it was nothing life threatening thankfully but nonetheless another change and it inspired me to write this blog!

I had been releasing a lot of old limiting beliefs, patterns, and behaviors. I know lots of people have experienced this and it is not always easy or pretty but in the long run, transformation benefits us at a deep soul level and we become more of who we truly are. Change has been pretty constant in my life and I have had moments when I have felt tired, worn out, and asked the Universe to “give me a break”! Working, rearing a family, and all the other roles in life we play are always challenging us in some way. Some changes we welcome with open arms, others we experience fear and resistance around. We can choose to grow with the change or retreat.

Now the secret is to get to space in our hearts where we embrace whatever life brings! Am I fully there – no but I am much better than I used to be!!

Because I have been healing on a deep level and learning every day about the power of energy work I no longer go into the anxiety, worry, and fear that I used to. However, I did have fleeting moments of feeling “what next?”, but I trusted that everything happens for a reason and I know that in the long run, the change that manifested is perfect. I am choosing to go with the flow and hand the situation over to the Universe. My life is my inspiration for my blogs and I never seem to run short of material! I used tapping and color to clear the unease and fear which was going on around the situation and life continues in a much happier way.

Have you experienced a lot of change this year or over your life?  Sometimes that can become a bit overwhelming. Do you feel tired, worn out, confused, and feel like your mind is too busy? Are you working in a job where you never know from one day to the next what your schedule is, or are you working in an environment of pressure, uncertainty, lack of direction, and indecision by colleagues? Perhaps you are experiencing change fatigue??

Tune in and see if this resonates with you? Now if it feels true, what can you do right now to calm your mind, body, and spirit? I list some of my suggestions below:-

Sit quietly, place your hands on your heart, breathe in and out to the count of four, hold for four, and release for four.

Ground yourself – if you don’t know how to do this check out my video showing you one way you can do this.

Simply walk barefoot (or in shoes if wet) on the grass and allow your body to soak up the energy of nature.

Ask your body what colour do you need to calm and relax you. Imagine the colour flowing from the top of your crown into every cell of your body, bringing it all the way down to the soles of your feet, deep into the ground, visualising roots coming from the soles of your feet. Give thanks. Drink some water and just take one step at a time and trust that you have the answers within, and that the people to support you will show up for you!!

Get your journal out and ask “What is my next right step”? Notice what ideas and inspiration come to you. It is amazing what clarity comes through when we allow ourselves the time and the space to listen to our inner guidance system.

Do some tapping. I share some simple tapping videos on my Youtube channel.

If you are interested in finding out how I can support you, email me at dervillaclarke@outlook.com to arrange a 20 minute complimentary call.