Colour Therapy

I absolutely LOVE working with colour and helping women transform their lives.

Training as an International Colour Therapist was a natural progression for me. When using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT, also known as tapping), I was taught to tune into an issue, pain, emotion, discomfort, limiting belief and ask my client to tune into their body and see what colour and shape represented the feeling of discomfort for them.

Responses were often “It is heavy and dark”, “It is red and angry”, “It feels like a dark cloud”.

When the issue was described in this way and another colour was gently brought into the body to lift and lighten that “stuck” energy, amazing shifts occurred. Clients felt lighter and more at ease.

This excited me and I wanted to learn more about using colour to heal. I am all for simple processes that bring profound shifts.

The Universe brought me an opportunity in 2016 to train as a Colour Therapist with the amazing Marcia O’Regan. It was some journey as it brought me to Brussels in a time where there were recent bombings, and the energy was in upheaval.

Yes, I was apprehensive but the calling of my soul to train in this modality was stronger than any fear and I went on to qualify as an International Colour Therapist. I continue to use this modality and learn more about how colour can help transform our lives on a deep profound level.

As a sensitive woman, I find it is so gentle and powerful and brings instant shifts in energy. It is a great tool to have at your disposal. When life brings challenges no matter how big or small, colour helps to soothe and heal your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual body.

Colour Therapy dates back thousands of years.

Everything is energy and each colour vibrates at it’s own frequency. Colour is used to bring our energy system back into balance and helps us to move out of stress mode and into a healing vibration that is right for us at a particular time.

We absorb the light of the colour through our whole system. This is truly powerful and life changing.

We eat colour, wear colour, breathe in colour from nature and our environment, paint, draw, and feel the difference in our energy when the colours we use either raise or lower our vibration. I teach simple ways in which you can embody colour on a daily basis.

Colour affects every system in the body. When we tune into stuck or blocked energy in the body it often shows up as black, dark grey, dense energy. Bringing in the colour that your body needs in that moment to heal lifts and lightens the energy in a noticeably short space of time.

You can use colour healing while walking, sitting, standing, laying down, dancing, in the shower, going about your normal daily activities. It can be used to easily uplift our moods and enhance and expand our lives.

We take it for granted and perhaps you have not even given colour much thought up until now, I am here to help you to create a more colourful life.

Colour affects our mood. You may have your own favourite colourful piece of clothing that lights up your face and energy when you wear it.

Have you ever felt “blue” which can be linked to feeling sad and down? Have you often felt as if dark clouds surround you if you are going through a particularly challenging time?

Have you ever felt like a fog is around you and you cannot think straight or complete tasks?

Have you ever felt angry, irritable, or frustrated?

Have you ever felt jealous or insecure?

Do you feel stuck in a particular pattern or behaviour? The language of colour can help you unravel the energy of these feelings and support you to bring in more uplifting energy, empowering thoughts, actions and behaviours.

Different emotions are associated with particular aspects of colours and when we bring in the colour our body wants to support us to heal, these feelings can be lifted very quickly.

Imagine going from feel angry and irritable (the shadow side of red) to feeling calm and relaxed (the positive aspect of blue)

Colour reflects aspects of our unique soul blueprint and personality and it is so exciting that we each have our own soul colours which we have come into this lifetime to experience.

Each colour has positive and negative aspects associated with it, and when we learn how to use the positive energy of colour it helps to gently clear old energy that is not serving you.

For example red is lively, energetic, the colour of our blood and vitality, it is linked to safety, security, passion and represents leadership qualities, on the downside it is associated with feeling angry, irritable, frustrated and imbalance.

From the moment we are conceived, while in the womb, when we are born and throughout our lives we take in colour, it is all around us. What a wonderful gift we have at our disposal.

From the clothes we wear, to the foods we eat, to nature and all the glorious colour she has to offer in all seasons, furnishings in our home and surrounding, our cars, crystals, make up etc

I am here to help you to live a more colourful life.

Colour can help to guide us back to the root cause of emotional triggers and issues and brings profound healing. Simple and powerful.

There is so much more I want to share with you about colour and how it can help you to feel more grounded, more creative, and feminine, more abundant, more joyful, more confident, more peaceful, more alert, more loving, more in alignment with speaking your truth, more connected to your vision and your inner wisdom, more connected to your soul purpose.

Ultimately, we all want to feel loved, accepted and connected. We must first feel that within us – only then can we give that to others.

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As always take full responsibility for your health and wellbeing while using Energy Healing modalities, and seek Medical advice and treatments as appropriate for you.