Emotional Freedom Techniques

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as tapping, is a very simple yet profound method of energy clearing. When I embarked on my EFT training, after a few rounds of tapping I felt its powerful effects and knew that I had chosen the right transformational tool for me. It is now my honour and privilege to share it with you


Emotional Freedom Techniques combines Chinese medicine with modern psychology. We have a circuitry system which carries energy along meridian pathways that transverse our bodies. It is like acupuncture except we do not use needles. We gently tap on specific points on the face and body while focusing on the issue we want to resolve.


The first tapping method called Thought Field Therapy (TFT) was discovered by psychologist Dr Roger Callaghan while working on a lady who had a fear of water. He combined working on emotional issues while tapping on specific meridian points on the face and body. Gary Craig, a student of Dr Roger Callaghan’s later developed a simplified version which is known as Emotional Freedom Techniques.


Gary Craigs belief is that “All negative emotions are caused by a disruption in the energy system”. Over our lifetime we experience small traumas and big traumas which if left unresolved cause emotional blockages which result in stress, illness, disease, limiting beliefs, fears etc. When we clear these blockages with EFT, we experience more ease, joy, freedom, confidence, abundance plus more.

Most of the limiting beliefs we take on are formed from the age of 0-6. What may seem like a small trauma to an adult is a big trauma to a child – by using EFT we can get to the root cause of limiting beliefs and clear the energy allowing space for new empowering beliefs. We are all energy and when we vibrate at a higher frequency, we attract more positive experiences into our lives.


• Stress, anxiety, pain
• Fears i.e. fear of success, fear of failure, fear of flying, fear of public speaking, fear of        being seen
• Limiting beliefs such as “I am not loveable”, “I am not good enough”, “I can never be successful”, “I don’t deserve to be wealthy” “Who am I to be a successful Business Person” plus a lot more.
• Relationship issues
• Lack of confidence/self-belief
• Overwhelm
• Performance issues
• Abundance

The motto for EFT is “try it on everything”

As part of working with me I will teach you EFT and show you simple tips on how to use it in your everyday life in order to keep your energy system clear and free from stress.
Without EFT I would not be a Business woman who feels privileged to help you to transform your life from lack and limitation to joy, freedom, endless possibilities and abundance.

Sally Robinson Says-
“Dear Dervilla

Thank you again so much for working with me and I am so grateful to Natasha Black for recommending EFT and referring me to you.
I knew so little about EFT but after experiencing a real crisis of confidence during May (as I pursued new endeavours) and recognising that my self-doubt was being significantly fuelled by some recent negative experiences, I was keen to explore EFT following Natasha’s recommendation as a possible approach to help me move forward.

My first session with Dervilla was just remarkable and every session never failed to be revealing and enlightening. Many experiences that I had processed in a logical and practical way, for example grief via bereavement counselling, had left emotional and energy traces that had unknowingly been feeding subsequent views, opinions and inner critical talk ever since.

Dervilla conducts every session with such warmth, intuition, empathy and humour that I felt supported, validated and safe even when at my most emotional and revisiting times of vulnerability and sadness.

My sessions covered so many topics that the benefits are perhaps too numerous to detail but my perception of myself; my confidence in who I am, what I can achieve and the sense of my potential to fly is in such a healthier and positive place now and that is thanks to Dervilla and her skills. She helped me revisit situations that I didn’t even know had left such a mark and see those incidents through a different lens, a kinder and non-judgemental perspective that freed me up to release the negative energy and to introduce a positive image that I can tap into both via the EFT and through the re-imprinted imagery whenever I need to draw on it.
I look forward to working with Dervilla in the future as new challenges or inner chatter surface.

With love and much gratitude,
Sal xx
Sally Robinson