As I sit here in my office (eventually I got it tidied up so that I can work in it as opposed to the living room couch!!) I fondly remember a vision I tuned into when I wanted to manifest leaving my job. I knew deep in my heart and soul that I am here to help people in a deeper way than what I could in my job.

I envisioned a happier version of me sitting exactly where I am sitting, working on my business talking to my then “unhappy” self whose soul was slowly dying! It might sound a bit melodramatic but that is the easiest way for me to describe how I was feeling regularly. It didn’t matter that my job was “permanent and pensionable”, that I had reduced to a three-day week,  “brilliant”  and too good to let go in many people’s eyes, but not mine.

To be true to me, I knew that I had to manifest my desire and leave that job. If I did not do it, I would have turned out to be a miserable, moaning bitch, apologies for the language if you are offended! but this was a good possibility. Where would that have got me? I would have dishonoured myself and my moods would have affected those who have been my rock throughout the years. That was not something that sat well with me.

I tapped, I visualized, I cried, I journaled. I moaned to those small group of patient people who listened to me and God bless my husband, he deserves a medal for all the times he listened to my moans “I have to leave”!!

Why am I writing this? I am here to encourage you.

– If you have a dream.

– If you have a desire to do something new, perhaps visit places, start a course, or your own business.

– If you want to become a happier version of you.

– If you want to tap into more of your potential and align with your purpose.

Take action, even one baby step today.

Instead of burying your desire/dream under limiting beliefs and fear, keep doing the inner work and your outer world will transform.

Was my story one which took a few weeks to manifest? No, it took time, patience, impatience, fear, excitement, lots of releasing old beliefs about myself, fear of success, limited thinking around money, thoughts that  I was letting my family down, concerns about being me whether people liked it or not because ultimately, I have a soul purpose to fulfil on this earth and if I waited any longer, I may never realise that purpose. I also believe there is Divine timing and I needed to experience and release more before I was ready for my leap of faith.

Now I am not a spring chicken!! Even though I feel like I am thirty something most of the time!! I could not wait any longer. I have people to serve and work to do. I have places to see and things to do. Right now, I am on a journey. Where will it bring me, who I will meet, how I will get there are unknown right now, all I can do is show up every day and take steps forward, allow parts of myself to be expressed and let go of my fears of being judged, ridiculed, misunderstood because at least I can look back on my life and say I gave it a go.

Do not let an unsung song, an unwritten book, an unestablished business, unspoken words to someone you love or admire go undone, life is too short, too precious so get up off your ass, start moving and take action!! If I can take action towards fulfilling my dreams and desires, you can too!

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