This morning I posted my affirmation for the day “I choose to live in the moment”. It sounds easy, doesn’t it?  I spent my morning on skype catching up with a very dear friend, then creating Facebook posts in-between feeling unsure as to what my next steps forward were. It is very easy to get lost in the technology world. I was very conscious about taking a break for food because I noticed there were some days I went too long for food which is not great for my body or mind!

After lunch, I knew it was time to get out in nature and take a walk. I am on a mission to get fitter but also to connect in with nature every day as my hermit tendencies would gladly not see me go outside the door some days. This is something, I am mindful of. So off I went to my favorite location, quiet and peaceful.  After I parked the car, I was tempted to take my phone to take pictures of my walk and share on Facebook, but then I thought no, I had spent the morning with technology, now it was time to connect with nature and rebalance my energy.

I left my phone in the car and happily walked off. I feel better instantly when I start walking in the fresh air. After walking a while I noticed my mind was full of questions, full of ideas around how to move forward in business, and then the penny dropped! I was not living in the moment, the very suggestion I posted on my page this morning. I was not noticing nature and all its beauty. I stopped, I noticed the trees, the daffodils, the sheep, the birds singing, I breathed in the fresh air and instantly felt calmer. My mind settled and from then on, I walked and looked up at the sky, the sun shining, and took more notice of my outdoor environment, allowing my body to soak it in.

Do you walk and spend your time taking photos, selfies and lose out on the magical experience of grounding, connecting with nature, your family, or friends who are walking with you, and allowing yourself to connect with YOU? Capture the memories and the moments in your heart and soul where they will live forever. Nurture your relationships.

Yes, I will share some images of my walks but not every time! Please, please do not become so obsessed with getting the right images, the likes on your page and lose sight of how balancing, healing, and harmonizing it is to be in nature. Leave your phone in the car or turn it off. try it for one week and see how you feel after your walks. Inspiration for this blog came after my walk. Embrace stillness and ideas will flow freely, not from a place of pushing!! Notice how you connect differently with others when you make a habit of doing this. Nature is great medicine, it is filled with magical colour, sights, sounds and smells. Enjoy it.

Will you make a conscious choice to spend more time living in the moment?

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