Matrix Birth Reimprinting

In general, we underestimate how much our time spent in our mother’s womb and our birth process affects the development of our beliefs and perceptions of the world.

While in our mother’s womb we pick up on her beliefs and emotions along with those of other people around us. We can take on beliefs such as “I am not safe”, “I am not wanted”, “I am not loved”. These continue to play out in our everyday lives.

Birthing is a natural process, however there are many forms of delivery which are traumatic for mother and baby i.e. caesarean, breach birth, forceps delivery, cord around baby’s neck, multiple births.

Bonding may not have taken place because of medical needs and intervention or because mum was not in an emotional state to bond. Perhaps mothers drank, smoked or took drugs while pregnant which left the baby trying to survive in a toxic womb. This can all lead to babies feeling disconnected, abandoned, unwanted, isolated, lonely or separated. When unresolved we as adults live out these limiting beliefs.

Maybe you are aware that your own birth was traumatic, or perhaps giving birth to your own children presented fear and trauma for you. If you have lost a child before term or after there is a good chance that the grief is still living in you at a level you are totally unaware of. Perhaps you have been adopted and are having difficulty in connecting and feeling loved and supported in your life. Maybe you are pregnant and are fearful of giving birth.

Even if you have very little or no knowledge of your birth this technique can work for you. MATRIX BIRTH REIMPRINTING is an amazing technique which was created by Sharon King Using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting we can bring you gently back to your birth or the birth of your children, clear trauma and limiting beliefs and reimprint a positive birth experience.

This is truly a powerful transformational experience. 



Dervilla, I have said it before and I will say it again…energy work is amazing!!!! I could choose to believe that’s all
I am about to tell you is by chance but it simply can not be..there is just no way. Soooo.. I meet you on Thurs. We
work though my birth with my baby girl. I mentioned just how tough/demanding my poor girl is on a daily basis.
Fast forward and I go home.. and for the first time in nearly 10 months she goes to sleep and stays asleep for 3
solid hours.. this may not sound like much but OMG it is huge for us. Not wanting to get to excited I keep an eye
out for changes but I don’t need to do much looking. She woke this morning and had eggs and toast quietly in her
high chair and ate it all because she wasn’t full from breast milk like she usually is. Then I changed putting her in
the walker which I expected to be a big fat NO GO seeing as she was out of my arms for 30 odd min at breakfast.
To my surprise she popped into the walker like nothing and stayed in her walker happily for 40 min this has
literally never happened.
I made dinner today and managed to cook, serve, clean and wash up after kids were finished all the while she
was playing on the floor and standing against the coffee table. When she woke from the naps I could hear her on
the baby monitor just chatting and gooing to herself happily when usually she wakes up SCREAMING because
she realises I’m not with her. This all sounds kinda simple I’m sure but Dervilla I have literally carried this baby on
my hip for the last 10 months. I literally cannot use the bathroom without her in with me. I cannot believe the
change in just 2days. I’m so excited for each day to notice all the changes happening. Thank you ever so much
for that session :-)xx