Matrix Reimprinting

I can honestly say that Matrix Reimprinting combined with EFT continues to blow my mind in the way it can transform energy.

The description in the following paragraph has been taken from the Book

“Matrix Reimprinting using EFT” by Karl Dawson and Sasha Allenby: –
“Matrix Reimprinting is based on the understanding that we are all connected by a unified energy field, or the “Matrix”.

This understanding was first brought to light in the 1940’s by the father of quantum theory, Max Planck. In the 21st Century it has been popularised by films such as “The Secret”, “What the bleep do we know” and more recently “The Living Matrix” and books such as the Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden and The Field by Lynne Mc Taggart”

Introduction to EFT Matrix Reimprinting by EFT Master Karl Dawson

Matrix Reimprinting is a very gentle, amazing technique which allows us to connect with younger versions (Echo’s) of ourselves which have been hurt, traumatized and have taken on limiting beliefs. These beliefs are usually taken on from the age of 0-6. They affect our everyday lives by showing up as stress , anxiety, illness, disease, fears and beliefs such as I am not good enough, I am not loveable, I have to be perfect, I don’t deserve happiness, health, wealth, great relationships, I don’t deserve to be successful and lots more.

Traumas are held in the Field and when we discharge the Freeze response and resource our Echo, healing takes place and issues are resolved at the root level thus enabling us to be our authentic selves.

We stop the limiting belief from running and bring in more empowering beliefs. This technique has to be experienced to gain full awareness of its effectiveness.