While working with clients using Colour Therapy, I regularly heard “Wow, that is amazing”, “Wow, that meditation was powerful”, “Wow, that was the best healing I had all year”, so I decided to create individual colour meditations to support clients on a daily basis.

I am delighted to offer you an invitation to experience first-hand the beautiful, healing energy of colour.

In addition to these beautiful meditations, I am inviting you to join my private Facebook Group where we can experience a more colourful world together.


Energy Healing is not intended to replace your current health care or act as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you are under the care of any health professionals, please do not discontinue or reduce prescription medications without consulting with your doctor.Please do not drive or operate machinery while listening to meditations. If strong memories or emotions show up, reach out to my self or another qualified Energy Healing Practitioner.


It is time for sensitive women to leave behind stress, anxiety and fear through a powerful journey using colour. What if you could have a life with space, clarity, lightness and joy?
You can!
My name is Dervilla Clarke, and I used to believe that my sensitivity was a curse until I used Colour to help me to break the chains of the past, to release grief, let go of the outdated beliefs I was carrying, most of which were not even mine. It helped me to peel away the layers that were keeping me hiding, playing small and holding back from sharing my gifts and talents with the world. I use colour in various ways every single day. I am passionate about using colour to heal our lives.

Now I am inviting you to receive and live a colourful life too.

I have created 13 beautiful meditations to take you on a journey through colour.

Listening to these meditations will, awaken a part of you that perhaps felt lost, allowing you to come to life. The power of meditation is widely known to be beneficial in helping you to feel calm, relaxed and at ease. Colour is potent and powerful. Each colour meditation speaks to every part of your body, mind and soul, allowing you to transform how you feel.

Sometimes I find there are no words to express how colours can change your life, yet I have witnessed in my life and the life of my client’s profound transformation, awakening and exponential results when we listened to these meditations.

Listening to these meditations will allow you to:-

  • Create more abundance in your life.
  • Connect to the language of your soul and become a more aligned version of you.
  • Powerfully activate your Divine Feminine energy, fun, creative and playful energy.
  • Clear your energy field and release what is standing in your way of thriving
  • Feel safe, secure and grounded.
  • Increase confidence and self-belief.
  • Awaken your heart and feel the love that resides within you.
  • Speak your truth authentically and lovingly.
  • Activate your intuition and receive your inner guidance clearly.
  • Ignite your passion and purpose.

I created Waking Up Through Colour because my soul called me to. I have been given clear guidance “The world needs more colour”.

When you invest in Waking Up Through Colour you will receive

13 powerful meditations to keep forever
A private and supportive female community to support you on
your journey

If you have had enough of feeling overwhelmed by life and want to enjoy your life as a sensitive woman, join me and let us get you started on your journey.

Buy Now and receive your meditations today .
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Let us get started and create a colourful, joyful, expansive life together.
You deserve it.



White is pure light. It helps cleanse and clear and purify your whole energy system. It brings lightness of being, clarity of mind, body and spirit. Use it daily as a cleansing shower to help you release toxicity and energy that is not yours. It helps you to lighten up and not take life so seriously.


Red is linked to the base chakra. It is a grounding colour, helping you to feel rooted, strong, safe and secure. It is the colour of blood and helps to bring energy and vitality into your life. It is the colour of passion, purpose and leadership. It is a warm colour which aids healing. When you are grounded you are open to attract money into your life.


Orange is linked to the sacral chakra. It helps to release fear and trauma. It brings happiness and confidence. It is your creative power centre, helping you to birth new ideas, products and services. It is the seat of feminine power, where babies are grown and nurtured. Bring orange into your life and release old outdated beliefs attached to femininity.


Yellow is linked to the solar plexus chakra. It is your power centre. It helps alleviate digestive issues and is great to cleanse and clear your system. It also stimulates your mental capacity. Fill yourself up with the glorious yellow rays and watch your confidence increase.


Green is linked to the heart chakra. It brings balance and harmony. It allows your heart to heal on a deep level. It is all around us in nature, connect with nature and soak up the healing rays of green and allow any grief or heartache to soften and release. It is also linked to abundance.


Pink is also linked to the heart chakra, representing love for self and others. Fill your heart with loving pink energy and allow it to soften and heal your heart. Allow this gentle colour to fill you up with love, helping to release anything that no longer serves you. From this space you can give more lovingly and freely to others.


Blue is linked to the throat chakra. It helps you to speak your truth in a loving, authentic way. It helps you to trust yourself and others. It helps you to feel calm and relaxed. It is a lovely cooling colour to use if you feel angry or irritated. It brings an energy of protection which supports you in feeling safe and secure.


Indigo is linked to the third eye chakra. It is the colour of intuition. Use this colour to develop your inner knowing, bringing more connection to your vision so that your dreams can become a reality.


Violet is linked to the crown chakra. It increases your psychic senses. It is the colour of royalty and abundance. It is a great colour to clear your energy and that of your home or office space.


Magenta is linked to the Divine Feminine which is present in all of us. It connects you to the higher realm of spirituality allowing you to receive inspiration from your higher selve, that all knowing, wise part of you.. It is infinity, bringing balance and harmony. It is loving and kind.


Gold is the highest vibrational colour, helping you to connect to that all knowing, wise version of you. It raises your vibration and represents abundance in all forms. Use gold to help you attract abundance into your life.


Rainbow is the collection of all of the amazing colours. Who doesn’t like rainbows?
It brings joy, lightness, healing, knowledge, wisdom, fun, creativity, power and a beautiful sense of the mystical realm. Visualise the rainbow colours and allow your body to bask in the glory, helping to bring strength and vitality. It is a truly fun collection of colours.

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