I can honestly say joining Dervilla’s programme was the best investment I made in myself in 2020. Before starting the programme, I felt so miserable and it was affecting my personal life. When Mammy is happy everyone is happy. Dervilla is very intuitive and came in every week to support us with her amazing healing sessions. I got great benefit from the colour mediations and tapping.

Sacred Simplicity is a very safe intimate group and I have become more confident in engaging with others online. I have virtually met some amazing ladies, and we all encouraged and supported each other when we reached out for support. Every month there was an accountability thread, I used it to help me stay on track and build on the good habits of exercise, grounding and mediation.
Since I joined, I have stopped saying yes to people, places, and things that were draining my energy. I have gotten so much better with boundaries. I no longer respond to others in a triggered way because I have healed old wounds.

I have become more visible online and slowly but surely coming out of my comfort zone. I am embarking on a new exciting venture which previously I would not have had the confidence to do.
If you are thinking about joining the group do this for YOU no one else. Keep showing up for yourself and reach out for the support when you feel uncomfortable. The inner work is amazing, and you are worth it.