Years ago, I attended a demonstration on the basics of EFT. I was fascinated at how quickly it worked on pain, cravings etc.
It was years later before I met Dervilla. We talked about EFT and Matrix Reimprinting and weeks later I booked an appointment. I decided I would go with an open mind and go with the flow.
The minute I walked in I felt I was in safe hands. Dervilla made me feel so relaxed and comfortable. She knows exactly what she is doing, and nothing takes her by surprise. She is amazing and passionate about using Energy work and helping others.
Having worked with Dervilla I am amazed and grateful how much my life has changed. Long standing grief has been resolved, physical pain has healed, my relationships have improved. A bark of a cough which had caused me so much discomfort for years has cleared. The energy in my home has also cleared because of our work together. I cleared energy around responsibility issues and am now looking after myself much more and have developed healthier boundaries for myself.
Two of my siblings had fallen out for a couple of years over something stupid. After working in the Matrix with Dervilla and clearing old ancestral patterns they made contact as if nothing had happened! I could not believe it – what a gift this has been to our family. We are all over the moon to have this family bond restored.
The income in my business has increased by 20% as a result of working with Dervilla. I could not have imagined this happening.
I highly recommend working with Dervilla – you have so much to gain.