I joined Dervilla’s group Sacred Simplicity over 6 months ago when I was looking to heal some past hurts in my life and increase my confidence and self-love.
Whilst working in the group I have seen many shifts and changes in my life. Some subtle and some much more profound. As the name of the group suggests Dervilla takes things back to it’s simplistic form and shares profound simple practices that when implemented will change your life.
Dervilla has made me more aware of aspects in my life, my habits, my feelings and emotions and how-to self-regulate these. She then gives strategies and clarity to help shift anything that is not serving you, to allow you to let go, in order to move forward out of fear and into love.
Dervilla is a deeply kind, sensitive, knowledgeable and intuitive women who is gentle in her approach but yet achieves amazing results with everyone she works with. Her intuitive led meditations take you on a journey that is powerfully healing, calming and comforting. Every piece of work Dervilla has shared has led to self-healing on some level, many deep and profound and this in turn has positively impacted every other aspect of my life.
The group is also very fun and full of like-minded women walking together, lifting each other up, supporting and raising each other’s vibrations.
If you are thinking about joining this group, I would say do not delay in giving yourself this gift as we all deserve to have a fully fulfilled and joyful life. If you are feeling lost, need direction or confirmation that you are on the right path you will wholehearted get this and so much more from this truly amazing and transformational group.