Everyone at some stage of their business feels overwhelmed, where things get on top of them. It isn’t until you realise, that you are under a mountain of “things” or emotions that you realise to move forward in your business you need to deal with this mountain of emotion.
As soon as I started working with Dervilla, the effect was immediate, I felt the stress leave my body, the block I felt I was carrying in my throat cleared immediately. Working with Dervilla’s soothing voice was a tonic in itself, she just seemed to help bring a sense of calm to me that I had not had before. It is from this sense of calm and clarity, that I was able to see even clearer in my business, my future and how I wanted to get there.
Sometimes we need to stop and ask for help so that we can sharpen our saw, recentre ourselves to move forward even more powerfully. If you are trying to do everything yourself, if you are not looking after yourself, then if you do not stop now to recharge YOU, you will have to stop at a later stage I imagine for much longer. I am so glad to have met Dervilla and experienced her powerful work. I highly recommend that you put yourself first and make Dervilla an essential part of your path to success.