If you find yourself reading my testimonial you are clearly interested in energy healing or maybe you just little curious.
I was attracted to Dervilla through an advert on her FB page, where she spoke about joining her private online community Sacred Simplicity.
Instantly I was drawn to her authenticity and her caring nature. I knew that I had picked up other people’s energies throughout my life and that professional help was required in shifting them. These energies resulted in me feeling uncertainty, shame, guilt, frustration and stagnation at how I was progressing through life.

As I was drawn to Dervilla I private messaged her and a zoom meeting followed,
which was successful as we both knew we could work with each other. That evening I signed up to the private member’s group Sacred Simplicity, of which I am still a member.

The programme has benefited me in many ways. I have increased body confidence. I have learned how to forgive old hurts I was carrying, I have learnt that forgiveness is not about the other person but about me , me freeing myself from what it is that had to let go of. I have let go of shame, guilt, & embarrassment around sex and intimacy. I have let go of old limiting beliefs around money. I have let go and learnt to manage anxiety in these Covid times. I have healed ancestral energy lines in my mother’s side of the family that had been carried through several generations.

Dervilla also teaches tools and techniques I practice as often as possible to help me on my healing journey such as Tapping , meditation, journaling and the use of colour to name put a few.

Throughout this journey my self-esteem, self-worth and self -confidence has certainly improved, which I feel internally.
If you are interested in what Dervilla has to offer I would certainly recommend her. I joined last year and I continue to enjoy the progress I embody daily as a result.