I was very lucky to have been guided through a session with Dervilla a few weeks ago.
I had been feeling quite tired and flat and although I did not mention this to Dervilla, she was very quick to pick up on my energy levels.
This was especially important for me, because I do not always like to tell people how I am feeling as I feel I may be a burden in doing so.
However, I had no need to worry as Dervilla soon got to the bottom of it all.
Dervilla was very reassuring and kind. I felt held and safely guided throughout the whole session.
I was able to release emotions, knowing that it was very safe and healing to do so.
The whole process was amazing to me.
I was able to see in my own minds eye, events that had taken place in my life, even years before. I felt safe and looked after throughout the whole session. There was nothing to worry about.
I could understand events that had happened from years gone by and I was able to heal, both physically and emotionally by doing this.
Before this, I had no idea as to how gifted Dervilla is. Her work is not just about Tapping or Colour. She brings a much deeper and significant element to her work. A gift of being able to unravel all the different layers we develop and smother ourselves in, depending on life’s events. We don’t often live our lives according to our true essence because we have developed these layers, very often protective ones, through personal hurts, but if we don’t deal with them and allow ourselves to heal from them, then our energy levels become depleted and we become drained, tired and ill.
When my session had ended, I felt like a big dark cloud had lifted. I was lighter and free. I had indeed been unburdened.
It’s not always immediate as to the extent of the healing that has taken place.
Over the weeks following my time with Dervilla, it has become apparent that certain patterns of negative behaviours of mine have changed…which then has a positive effect in other areas or relationships in my life.
I do so recommend Dervilla and the work she does. She brings a personal touch to her work like no other. I will be forever grateful.
Thank you Dervilla.