This blog was written some time ago but I felt it was right to share it with you on my new website.

Right now, I am feeling very calm with a strong inner knowing that “The Universe has your back”, That is the title of Gabrielle Bernstein’s book which I have just pre-ordered. Very apt for this blog!

For the past few weeks, my focus has been on my physical health. I was going along nicely and then my body needed to rest, to heal. At times I was fed up that I didn’t feel well, my inner critic was not saying very nice things. I judged my body, I couldn’t understand how I could feel unwell “again”, what the hell was going on. Now I refuse to give in to the belief that because I am getting older that my energy will decline and it is all par for the course.

So, I allowed myself to calm deeply, gave permission to every cell in my body to heal at her pace, not what my ego-mind thought was right or expected. I drifted in and out of thinking this is easy and not so easy but thankfully because I am living more consciously, I changed my critical state quickly. I listened to what my body needed and I allowed others to support me. In my opinion, a must, because at times even though we have a strong inner knowing that we “need/want” something, in my experience I need someone to hold the space so that what I “need/want” right here right now to support me becomes clearer.

That is exactly what happened today. As part of my Colour Therapy training course, I have sessions with Marcia Guyot to check in on how I am doing and to see if I have questions or need support. Today we looked at the energy I was feeling, it felt like an air of depression and lethargy.  I knew it was not mine but yet I was carrying it. In the session, it became very clear as to whose energy this was and with Marcia’s support, I released it and gained clarity on what my body needed to heal even deeper. The answer came in the form of Living Tree Orchid Essences – my body tested positive for three particular essences and immediately my body relaxed as I knew that I had found the piece of the puzzle I was looking for!

After our session I felt better, calmer and more trusting that indeed one of the reasons that my body was continuing to be “unwell” was that I needed to learn more about these essences and how they can support us on our healing journey. That became crystal clear.

At times when I have felt unwell, I have wondered, all be it in very short moments, do I really want to follow through on my business? There is no letting go of it, I have a soul-driven desire to keep going and I KNOW deep in my heart and soul that I have transformational work to do on this planet.

What does it look like? I have no idea but I do know that “The Universe has your back” is very apt, and it is no accident that Gabby’s book showed up at exactly the right time.

Now it can be difficult for our small minds to trust and have faith all of the time, but the more I live consciously, the more I know that I have what it takes to get through whatever limitations show up for me! I have come through many painful challenges. Now I am trusting in myself more and letting go of how I think my body “should” be. In this moment, I am feeling great and I am grateful. It is very clear that my journey has been one of learning to become more aware of every aspect of my being. Every single challenge no matter how big or small has brought me to where I am and everything is perfect!!

If you are in a space of self-doubt, critical, non-trusting energy, I ask you to change your state. Do something that makes your heart sing. Tune into your body and ask her what does she need right now? Listen and then act on the message you receive. If you need someone to support you, reach out and ask. All is there for you to have, be and do. Live life and love yourself and you will see the beauty of how life unfolds.

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